Getting Started with Kimochis® at Home

Whether you’ve purchased just one character or the multiple characters and the Mixed Bag of Feelings, we recommend you watch the Getting Started with the Characters and Feelings video. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to play with Kimochis, but there are lots of fun ways to use them and we want to share all of our ideas with parents, including these starter materials:

Getting Started with the Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit

This video is great for anyone who wants to learn more about the Kimochis approach to social-emotional learning, not just educators! But for those who will be using the tool kit in schools, the Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit: Early Childhood Edition is perfect for ages 3–6 (up to 1st grade), with the program consisting of 25 weeks of lessons built right into the curriculum. The Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit: Elementary Edition is for 1st through 5th grades. For the elementary curriculum, educators will want to download and use the Kimochis® Lesson Sequence for Grades K–5 as your road map for 22 weeks of activities.

To jump-start the program in your classroom or school, you can join one of our professional development workshops or schedule a workshop at your school site. Just call or email us to set up a professional development day.

And if you’re an educator in the northern California counties of Alameda and Contra Costa, check out this possible funding source to bring Kimochis to your school or classroom!

Getting Started with Kimochis® in a Mental Health Setting

Mental health professionals can take advantage of Kimochis products in multiple ways. To start, we offer the Kimochis® Activity Guide for Mental Health Professionals, created specifically for therapists working one-on-one with school-age children on various issues, in various locations. All you need to get started with the downloadable Activity Guide is your own personal Kimochis® Mixed Bag of Feelings.

For school psychologists and counselors working in an educational setting, you can use the Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit (see above), either instead of or in addition to the Activity Guide. The Educator’s Tool Kit offers a very comprehensive Kimochis-based approach to social-emotional learning.

Click here to order your downloadable guide (Coming Soon!) so you can add Kimochis to your repertoire of therapy tools!