Getting Started with Kimochis at Home

Whether you’ve purchased just one character or the multiple characters and the Mixed Bag of Feelings, we recommend you watch this video, Getting Started With the Characters and Feelings. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to play with Kimochis, but there are lots of fun ways this tool can help your family that you might not have thought of.

Kimochis Kickoff – activities to get your family started
Kimochis Compassionate Listening and Guidance
Kimochis Family Time
Parenting With the Kimochis Keys to Communication Video — COMING SOON!

Getting Started with the Kimochis Educator’s Tool Kit

This is a great video for anyone to learn about the Kimochis characters and will also help educator’s get started. The Kimochis Educator’s Tool Kit Early Childhood Edition is perfect for ages 3-6 (up to 1st grade). The program has 25 weeks of lessons built right into the curriculum. The Kimochis Educator’s Tool Kit Elementary Edition is for 1st-5th grades. With the elementary curriculum, educators will want to download and use the Kimochis Lesson Sequence for grades K–5 as their road map for 22 weeks of activities. Joining one of our professional development workshops or scheduling a workshop at your school site is often the thing to jump start the program in your classroom or school (just email us to set up a professional development day).

Getting Started with Kimochis in a Mental Health Setting
For mental health professionals, there are a variety of ways to get started. You can use the complete Kimochis Educator’s Tool Kit or start with the Mixed Bag of Feelings and your favorite Kimochis® characters. Remember, the curriculum guides are only available in the Tool Kits!