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Using the Kimochis Feelings in Schools

Building a positive school climate and culture … one feeling at a time. The Kimochis Feelings for Principals, Teachers, School Counselors, and School Staff Members!

Using the Kimochis® Feelings in Schools

Supporting Evidence

The Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit is a universal, school-based, social and emotional learning program designed to give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively. These skills have been identified by leading researchers in the field of social and emotional learning as necessary for school success, academic achievement, positive social relationships, and the development of emotional competence. The Kimochis® curriculum incorporates innovative, fun, and exciting lessons and activities that were developed to teach children how to manage challenging social situations with skill, character, and confidence. This overview summarizes the research that supports the design and lesson components of the Kimochis® program.

Supporting Evidence for Kimochis® Curriculum

Grade-Level Lesson Sequences

Grade-Level Lesson Sequences are your week-by-week guide to using the Kimochis® Feel Guide: Teacher’s Edition for each grade level.

Download our latest Year 1 Lesson Sequences for K through Fifth here, or select by grade level below.

Preschool Lesson SequencePlease note: This lesson sequence is meant to be used with the Kimochis® Feel Guide: Teacher’s Edition for pre-K through 5th grade. The new Kimochis® Feel Guide: Early Childhood Edition does not need a separate lesson sequence.

Kindergarten Lesson Sequence

First-Grade Lesson Sequence

Second-Grade Lesson Sequence

Third-Grade Lesson Sequence

Fourth-Grade Lesson Sequence

Fifth-Grade Lesson Sequence

Printable Materials, Worksheets & Coloring Activities

Fun printouts and activity sheets to use with Kimochis kids!

Kimochis® Kotowaza

Kimochis® 7 Keys to Communication (for Elementary Students)

Kimochis® 7 Keys to Communication (text-only version)

Kimochis® 5 Keys to Communication (for Early Childhood and Special Education)

Kimochis® 7 Extremely Helpful Ways to Talk About Feelings

Kimochis® Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Vocabulary

Kimochis® Feelings Fuel Behavior Worksheet

Kimochis® Meet the Characters Coloring Sheet

Kimochis® Characters Coloring Sheet

Kimochis® Feeling Coloring Sheet

Kimochis® Character Signs (Photographs)

Kimochis® Character Signs (Illustrated)

Make Your Own Kimochis® Feelings Template

Kimochis® Make Your Own Feeling Worksheet

Home Links

Letters for parents and activities you can share with your students’ families to help them build respect, responsibility, resiliency, and compassion/kindness when dealing with feelings at home.











Left Out






Key 1





Key 2





Key 3





IEP Goals

This guide will help you build IEP goals when using the Kimochis® Feel Guide: Teacher’s Edition.

IEP Goals


All of the lessons in the Kimochis® Feel Guide: Teacher’s Edition have been linked to an appropriate performance descriptor. Elementary standards are using the widely-accepted SEL Learning Standards. Early Childhood standards are using the Head Start Framework.

Early Childhood Standards

Elementary Standards

Social Narratives

Social narratives can teach new social skills and encourage students with social-emotional challenges to regulate their behavior through simple stories.

Social Narratives

Social-Emotional Behavior Scale

Use the Social-Emotional Behavior Scale as a pre- and post-assessment tool to help you capture the positive changes you observe students making in managing emotions. This scale documents how frequently students are demonstrating these new behaviors. SLPs and special educators can use this tool as a way to show positive outcomes in individual students.

Social-Emotional Behavior Scale

Lesson Plan Template

This Lesson Plan Template will help make teaching the Kimochis® Curriculum easy!

Kimochis® Early Childhood Lesson Plan