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Parenting with Keys to Kimochis Communication

How do the Seven Keys to Kimochis Communication create calmer and happier families?

Imagine parenting with no yelling, repeating, begging, nagging or tricking your children into positive behavior. Imagine having your child behave in ways that make you feel proud and good about the way they handle their frustration, anger, and other emotions that come with each day.  Children who master these simple, yet effective, Kimochis communication tools have healthier and happier friendships, confidence, resiliency, grit, and academic success!

About the Free Parenting Course Delivered Your Inbox

An email series where each email focuses on one of Seven Keys to Kimochis Communication

We hope to teach you one communication key at a time that will strengthen your daily interactions with loved ones. Enjoy these fun family activities and practice using positive communication tools which will deepen the relationships with those you care about most.

Each email includes:

  • A short video where Ellen discusses a Parent Challenge in a way that supports parents in connecting and building heartfelt connections with their kids,
  • A Take a Kimochis Moment Activity to help you practice the Kimochis Key,
  • A Feeling Pillow Activity to help integrate your Mixed Bag of Feelings into daily rhythms,
  • A coloring page for your child to learn about Kimochis and feelings,
  • A Kimochis wallpaper for your phone to keep the Kimochis Key you’re practicing in life on your mind.

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Parenting Kids Empathy, Confidence EI EQ Education with Kimochis Mixed Bag of 33 Feelings

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The Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings includes 33 Kimochis plush feelings and the 64-page Feel Guide (with fun and easy communication tips from Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed., CCC-SLP) all in a sturdy canvas bag.  Invite spontaneous play and build emotional vocabulary!

Kimochis 40-minute parenting video showcases the Kimochis communication tools to help parents practice managing the stresses of parenting and life in ways that leave no regret.

About the Communications Expert Behind the e-Series

Kimochis Education Director Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed., CCC-SLP has many years of innovative experience specializing in character education and communication skills which support everyday interactions between parents and children.  She was awarded Honors in 2017 at California Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Conference in March.

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