Designed for middle or high school students to act as mentors to elementary school students in their district. It takes collaboration and communication between schools, teachers, and students, but it’s worth every effort. Middle and high school students get the opportunity to learn and practice the Kimochis skills as they teach their younger peers.

Kimochis was AWESOME in terms of the interactions between the high school and elementary students and the lessons they all learned.

—Participating Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

To work with a Kimochis educator to implement a service learning program in your school or district, please contact:

Service Learning program goals for high school students

  • Engage in meaningful service working on a project that makes a difference
  • Develop social responsibility and project management skills
  • Expand social, emotional, and communication skills
  • Experience the concept of mentoring/teaching
  • Expand career choices into the educational field

Service Learning program goals for elementary students

  • Learn new social emotional skills
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Experience the positive effects of working with older students
  • Gain the skills to: recognize and manage emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, make and keep friends, and make responsible decisions

Service Learning