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Kimochis for
every kid.

What Kimochis are

“On the surface, we’re a family of cuddly critters and a big bowl of emotions. Underneath, we’re a proven system for helping kids grow and transform by dealing skillfully with their feelings.”

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What Kimochis do

“We help kids feel happy, safe, confident, compassionate and successful.

We help them establish and sustain strong friendships.

We help kids get along with each other.

We help them become resilient, especially during these trying times.”

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The power of Kimochis

“We make a difference on Day One. We can change the school environment in weeks.

We're easy for counselors, teachers, SLPs and administrators to implement.

A 5-minute lesson can be reinforced naturally throughout the day. It reduces referrals and disturbances and increases engagement.

Kimochis are proven effective, even in the most challenging school environments."

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What we’re doing

We’re making the power of Kimochis available to every kid in America, regardless of a school or district’s available budget.

We’re on a mission to help every single kid who needs help dealing with their emotions right now.

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Access our new Kimochis For All curriculum

Download the Kimochis For All curriculum now, regardless of budget.


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