Tools for BIG feelings


We help Educators, Couselors and Families help kids with difficult feelings and challenging behaviors.

What are Kimochis?

KEY.MO.CHEE means “feeling” in Japanese.

Kimochis look like toys, but they are actually tools; communication tools that help kids manage feelings in positive ways to promote well-being and success in school and life. 

They are a fun and easy-to-use combination of plush characters, feelings pillows and curricula that help adults, kids, mental health professionals and parent better deal with difficult feelings and challenging behaviors.

Kimochis are great because they get children to talk about their more ‘negative’ feelings with other kids and with teachers and parents. Here is a vehicle for coaching children about feelings, which is the royal road to these magic moments for connecting with our children.

John Gottman

Founder, The Gottman Institute

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