About Us

Our Vision

In every classroom, every home with every kid, helping to manage hard-to-have feelings and challenging behaviors; resulting in happier, better-adjusted people everywhere. 

Who uses Kimochis®?

Anyone can. They are used by professionals and regular people who want to help others become more resilient, feel more connected and be more productive or get through difficult circumstances.

How are Kimochis® different?

They allow schools, mental health professionals, parents and the military to easily and quickly help kids (and adults) become more resilient and better cope with the challenges of modern life. 

  • Safe and non-threatening
  • Tactile and visual rather than verbal
  • Faster than traditional “talking therapy” methods
  • Targeted curriculum for specific behavior and feelings to promote academic, social and emotional success.

For Schools 

The Kimochis® Pre-K, TK, and K Tool Kit and Grades 1-5 Tool Kit are the fastest, most effective classroom management tools available. Children and parents quickly connect with the characters and feelings to improve student behavior and learning.  

Our Educational Program is built upon sound research and theories of child development and social emotional learning— Five Core Competencies from CASEL; Teaching Pyramid Model for Positive Behavior SupportsHeadstart Program. 

For Mental Health Professionals

Kimochis® short cuts the talking that is the cornerstone of many therapies.

They allow kids and adults to rapidly and safely explore and translate emotions into root causes that can be dealt with immediately.

This is generally done with one of our Tool Kits or using our Mixed Bag of Feelings along with our Mental Health Feeling Pillows Activity Guide.


For Military Families

The Kimochis® Activity Kit for Military Families is specifically designed to help military families manage the four stages of deployment and the stresses of military life