The Kimochis® Research And The Benefits of Social-Emotional Learning

Drs. John & Julie Gottman Discuss Parenting using Emotion Coaching (feat. Kimochis®).

Healthy School Culture and Climate

When used school-wide in each classroom or through school-wide assemblies, the Kimochis® program helps schools build a strong, positive, communicative school culture and climate.

  • Researchers suggest that SEL skills and school climate are interdependent. SEL thrives in a positive school environment and facilitates a supportive climate (Zins, Elias, 2006).
  • A safe, orderly school climate is one of several characteristics of schools that consistently show good achievement gains (Redding, 2006).
  • The curriculum provides children, educators and parents a common vocabulary that allows everyone to “speak the same language” bridging school and home.

Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) & Response to Intervention (RTI)

Tier 1 – Universal: A classroom-based program that promotes social and emotional learning by teaching children the skills to understand their emotions, peacefully communicate feelings to others, develop positive relationships, manage conflicts and challenges, and make and keep friends.

Tier 2 – Prevention: A program to be used in small group settings to focus on specific skills that are especially problematic for students who require extra support. Children can be pre-taught concepts to prepare them for classroom-based intervention.

Tier 3 – Intervention: A program for a small subset of students who need intensive, individualized intervention to master skills (i.e., students with individualized support plans or Individualized Education Plans, IEPs).

Character Education
The Kimochis® curriculum can stand-alone or enhance and extend an existing character education program. Kimochis® lessons teach children to be:

  • Respectful: Use a respectful voice, face, words and actions; listen to upset feelings
  • Responsible: Speak up for self or others; admit and own mistakes
  • Resilient: Work through emotion alone or with help; bounce back from difficult moments
  • Compassionate and Kind: Have empathy or concern for others; look for moments to be kind to self and others