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TRAINER: Katie S. Raher, PhD.

LOCATION: 1717 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901


Thur, Jan. 9, 2020 (8:30a – 3:30p)
Fri, Mar. 6, 2020 (8:30a – 3:30p)
Thur, May 14, 2020 (8:30a – 3:30p)

Level of course content: Intermediate, Professional

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit: Elementary Edition (Grades 1-5)


Teaches children how to express and regulate their feelings, understand the emotions of others, and establish and maintain healthy social relationships. The Kimochis® Keys to Communication provide children the words and actions that promote social-emotional development, support positive behavior and contribute to academic success. These strategies help children to listen, speak and act in ways that keep a strong communication connection with each other, even in challenging social situations!

Lessons and activities from the educator’s guide that utilize strategies from a restorative practices model, such as discussion, conferencing and circles, will be outlined. Participants will be introduced to the Kimochis® “emotional vocabulary” that gives educators, parents and children a common language to guide positive behavior in social and academic settings. The unique and compelling Kimochis® characters and feelings that engage children, and keep the learning fun and interesting will be presented.

At the completion of this training, participants will feel prepared to introduce the Kimochis® program as a prevention and intervention tool that will help to build a strong, mutually respectful, safe and inclusive school community!


  • Describe the Kimochis® Keys to Communication
  • Explain how to use social-emotional tools to promote social and academic success for children
  • Describe how to use the Kimochis® characters and feelings using strategies form restorative practices approach
  • Identify how the Kimochis® characters and feelings can promote interesting and fun learning in a variety of educational settings
  • Collaborate with educators and families to create intervention that promotes social-emotional development in all children

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15 days before the Training date: 50% of cost
Less than 15 days before the Training date: No refund

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