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Kimochis are not just a toy but rather a tool to reduce challenging behaviors and bring more positivity to your home.

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For years parents have asked the Kimochis Education Director and curriculum author, Ellen Dodge, when she would create materials that could be used specifically in the home and not just in the classroom. Announcing, The Parenting Partner, a place where parents can learn the Kimochis Method to give your kids the emotional advantage in life by creating emotionally intelligent, strong and resilient kids.

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With families working from home full time,
kids no longer able to attend camps and other
activities, and with some schools closed down
until further notice, parents and children need
emotional support and guidance now more
than ever.

Parents can now use the Kimochis their kids
know and love at school in the comfort of their
homes through The Parenting Partner.

The Parenting Partner tools give parents what
they need to deal with the changing home
dynamics in a safe, fun and manageable way.

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