Tools for BIG Feelings

Helping Educators and Families help kids manage difficult feelings and challenging behaviors.


What are Kimochis®?

We look like toys, but we’re communication tools that give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships in order to make responsible decisions to handle challenging situations constructively.

Why Use Kimochis®?


Safe and non-threatening


Tactile and visual rather than verbal


Faster than traditional “talking therapy” methods


Targeted curriculum for specific behaviors and feelings

Kimochis® Educator’s Portal

PreK – Kindergarten (ages 3-6)

  • (6) Quick Start Videos
  • (25) Weekly Materials that include handouts, coloring sheet, Homelinks and more.
  • (25) Weekly Video Lessons to help you understand the big Ideas for each week.
  • Check-Ins and much MORE!

Grade-level Guide coming Summer 2020

Grades 1-5 (ages 6-12)

Grade-level Guides:

  • Road Maps, so you can see the big picture of what topics are taught from start to finish.
  • Scope and Sequences, so you know which lessons to teach each week and much, much more.
  • SOS Tool Charts to guide you through challenging behaviors that pop up unexpectedly.
  • (22) Weekly Homelinks to bridge the gap from school to home, so parents can learn the language and reinforce the lessons at home.


  • (22) Weekly Video Lessons to help you understand the big Ideas for each week.
  • (22) Weekly Materials of handouts to check for understanding, images to decorate your space, and more!

Our Vision

Kimochis in every classroom, every home with every kid, helping them manage hard-to-have feelings and challenging behaviors; resulting in happier, better-adjusted people everywhere. 

Kimochis® for Your Lane

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Let’s Stay Connected!

Praise for Kimochis®

Michael Pritchard

Nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, youth counselor, and advocate of SEL

The most important thing we give our children is emotional intelligence. Having completed the Happy movie which is about emotional balance, we know all happiness in human being stems from emotional intelligence. I love Kimochis. Early teaching of emotional intelligence in children is the most enlightened and powerful thing we do in early childhood. There is no program that teaches better than Kimochis!!!

John Gottman, PhD.

Founder of The Gottman Institute

Kimochis are great because they get children to talk about their more ‘negative’ feelings with other kids and with teachers and parents. Here is a vehicle for coaching children about feelings, which is the royal road to these magic moments for connecting with our children.

Helpful Kimochis® Tips

Guiding An Upset Child

The Kimochis® Feelings are a helpful vehicle for listening and guiding an upset child. Listen to your child’s experiences and feelings and help them work through conflicts. It can be challenging to regulate your own feelings when your child is upset!

Being A Kimochis Kid

Character development is the foundation of successful social interaction. The sooner character values are learned, the more natural they become to children. Developing character is often seen as the responsibility of parents. 

Transitioning to Kindergarten

First words, first steps, first tooth, first day of school are proud, exciting and unforgettable moments.  When a child starts kindergarten, parents may be filled with happy and excited feelings along with scared and nervous feelings.

Frequently Asked

Do you have lessons for Bella Rose and Clover?

At this time, we currently do not have lessons available for Bella Rose and Clover. However, our forecasted publishing date is October 2020. If you have not already, please click here to sign up for our newsletter to get updated on their release and to receive other user tips and tricks. 

How do I become a Kimochis Certified Trainer?

Our enrollment for new KCT training happens every January.  Please click here to apply and join our waiting list.

Do you have lessons for Hero?

Yes, we do. They are available in our Activity Kit for Military Families ( along with other activities. Thank you for supporting Kimochis.

Do you have a recommended Kimochis lesson for school counselors doing small group work with students?

Yes.  You can find activities in our Feeling Pillows Guide for Mental Health Professionals that can be used in classrooms or small groups.


Do you ship outside the United States?

We do ship internationally with DHL. Unfortunately, we are not able to process these orders through our online store.  However, you can place an order directly with our Order Department at Please note: all payments are USD, and the recipient is responsible for all customs charges, duties and taxes.

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