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TRAINER: Katie S. Raher, PhD.

LOCATION: 1717 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901


Thur, Feb. 6, 2020 (8:30a – 3:30p)
Fri, Apr. 24, 2020 (8:3a – 3:30p)
Sat, Jun. 20, 2020 (9a -4p)


Thur, Feb. 6, 2020 (8:30a – 11:3a or 12:30p – 3:30p)
Fri, Apr. 24, 2020 (8:30a – 11:3a or 12:30p – 3:30p)
Sat, Jun. 20, 2020 (9a -12p or 1p – 4p)

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Kimochis® Educator Tool Kit (Grades 1-5) for Full Day or PM session only; Kimochis® Mixed Bag of Feelings for AM session only

Mental health clinicians looking for novel and creative approaches to help children, teen and adult clients better understand and communicate emotional experiences. An interactive Training, please be willing to engage and participate in dyad and group activities. Learning to use Kimochis® Communication Tools in verbal and non-verbal ways with clients will be at the heart of this “how-to” interactive, tool-driven workshop. Clinicians will leave with a set of tangible, effective and fun activities for helping people navigate varied mental health issues.

The morning session focuses on learning how to use the Kimochis® Mixed Bag of Feelings, required materials for this Training. Appealing and friendly, these feeling pillows encourage verbal and non-verbal engagement in communication and counseling exercises. Activities are designed to be adaptable for individual, dyadic, family and group work. Additional tools, such as the Kimochis® Keys to Communication, will be taught and interwoven into the Training presentation.


  • Explain how to use of Kimochis feeling pillows with clients of varied ages and mental-health concerns, both individually and in groups, can be an effective and fun therapeutic tool for mental health providers.
  • Demonstrate how to use Kimochis feeling pillows to help clients explore, articulate and manage feelings that accompany life’s challenging circumstances.
  • Recognize how to use of these clinical techniques and tools can help an individual develop new patterns of communication, which can increase one’s ability to improve relationships with others.
  • Teach the Kimochis Keys to Communication to support pro-social habits, SEL skills, increasing positivity in thinking and relating to self and others.

The afternoon session is ideal for clinicians who want to delve deeper into the Kimochis® Communication Tools. These additional tools are ideal for clinicians who work with children (K-5) in small groups or classrooms. The Kimochis® Educator Tool Kit is required for this training. Participants will gain additional Kimochis® emotional vocabulary, giving educators, parents, and children a common language to guide positive behavior in social and academic settings. The Kimochis® Characters teach temperament, keeping learning fun and interesting.The Kimochis® Feel Guide, a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum, will be taught and participants will be guided on how to use it for individual and group counseling work, psychoeducation and SEL lessons. These SEL tools can all be used as stand alone interventions or integrated into existing models of support. Upon completion of this  Training, participants will be prepared to use and teach Kimochis® mental health and communication tools as prevention and therapeutic intervention in practice, school and clinic settings with children and adults.


  • Use the Kimochis curriculum and tools to plan small groups to foster social-emotional and academic success for children.
  • Understand how the Kimochis characters promote temperament tolerance and understanding for targeted needs in both group and classroom settings.
  • Model Kimochis vocabulary to support children to use positive communication tools during times of emotional and behavioral upset.
  • Collaborate with other educators and families to create Kimochis interventions that promote social-emotional development in children.

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Training Cancellation/Refund Terms
Over 30 days before the Training date: cost minus $50
15 days before the Training date: 50% of cost
Less than 15 days before the Training date: No refund

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