Kimochis® for the Military

We are excited and honored that Kimochis® was awarded a 5-year contract to provide social-emotional learning training and support materials for Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools in the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) system.

The DDESS system serves an estimated 28,500 students in over 50 schools located in seven states, Guam, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico!

As we work with the schools in the DDESS system to implement the Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit, we are also providing support materials and resources for military families to use at home.

The Kimochis® Activity Kit for Military Families is a playful, yet effective, tool to build positive communication skills that create strong family bonds, increase resiliency, and raise the odds of successful reintegration after times of separation. It helps families:

  • Manage emotions and challenges in a way that helps each family member feel understood
  • Be supportive, understanding, and compassionate toward each other’s emotional needs
  • Strengthen parent-child and parent-parent connections
  • Stay unified during separations
  • Celebrate and reintegrate the service member back home in a way that both honors and guides a positive transition

Kimochis® Activity Kit for Military Families


  • 13″ Plush Character, Hero
  • 32-page hardcover picture book, Hero’s Big Adventure
  • (2) sets of Kimochis® Mini Feelings:
    15 feelings included in each bag: Nervous, Happy, Sad, Mad, Loved, Scared, Excited, Brave, Proud, Sorry, Grateful, Frustrated, Kind, Left Out, and Cranky.
  • (1) Kimochis® Nesting Heart
  • 80-page Activity Book: Eight chapters of fun and memorable family activities that help build connection and keep the lines of communication open during the different stages military families experience.