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On this page, you will find everything you need to get YOUR own Kimochis Tool Kit through Donors Choose.  Simply download the example and tweak the language to suit your students’ social-emotional needs.

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Example of A Funded Project for Early Childhood

Project Name: 

Interactive, Hands-On Social Emotional Curriculum

Project Description: 

My students need opportunities to develop their social-emotional skills through a hands-on, playful curriculum.

About The Students: 

Our elementary school serves a historically under served population in (city), (state). The student population is primarily (demographic) with over 90% qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Highlight: My classroom is full of 23 young, inquisitive, and curious minds who are eager to explore the world around them.

Many require a lot of social and emotional development and have been exposed to early trauma, and I work towards supporting them by having students engage in group activities, thinking critically, problem-solving, and exploring academic content through hands-on learning.

About The Project:

Social emotional skills and healthy emotional development are critical for any child to be successful in school. Children must develop the language and skills to recognize and deal with their complex and changing emotions in order to access the information and knowledge we teach them in school. This is especially true for children in communities with high levels of trauma. Many students in my classroom struggle with basic social emotional skills and have great difficulty regulating their emotions.

Highlight: Kimochis are a playful avenue for students to learn about expressing and dealing with their feelings in healthy ways.

Through the Kimochi tool kit, the students can begin to identify and communicate their trauma in a positive manner. When students can convey their feelings effectively, they can begin to build strong relationships with themselves and others. My goal for this project is for my students to learn more about recognizing their strong emotions, finding ways to respond, and demonstrating empathy for others.

Your support for this project will equip my students with these critical, invaluable skills that will carry them throughout their lives.

 Materials to Be Funded: 

(1) Kimochis® Early Childhood Tool Kit @ $550

Feel free to tweak the language to suit your social-emotional needs.  Funding is also available for our Grades 1 thru 5 Tool Kit (Elementary). 

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