San Antonio 2020

Kimochis® Social-Emotional Learning Training

Helping Kids manage BIG feelings and Challenging Behavior.


when & where

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

8 am to 12 pm

Olive Branch Counseling and Training
12274 Bandera Rd
Suite 101
Helotes, TX 

Join us for this highly engaging Training to help promote emotional intelligence and wellbeing in Preschool, TK, and Elementary (K-5) classes. Foster the (5) core social and emotional competencies outlined by the Collaborative for Academic and Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to create emotionally strong and resilient students. These strategies help students to listen, speak, and act in ways that keep a strong communication connection with each other, even in challenging social and academic situations!

Lessons and activities from the Kimochis curriculum utilize strategies from a restorative practices model and can be used as part of your school/organization’s positive behavior intervention supports (PBIS). You will be introduced to the Kimochis “emotional vocabulary” and SEL Tool Kit that gives educators, parents, and children a common language to guide positive behavior in social and academic settings.

At the completion of this Training, you will feel prepared to introduce the Kimochis multidimensional intervention system as a prevention and intervention tool that will help build a strong, mutually respectful, safe, and inclusive school community!

Required Materials

Please bring one of the Tool Kits below and a laptop.

Learner Outcomes


Understand and articulate how to set up the Kimochis Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program in the classroom, and how to integrate SEL throughout the school day, to promote emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Learn how to adjust the facilitation of the Kimochis (SEL) program to meet the varied development needs of students across all grades within your school.

Express the connection between feelings and behavior and demonstrate how to use Kimochis as part of your school’s positive behavior intervention support (PBIS).

Demonstrate how to respond with positive discipline to the top five challenging behaviors in early childhood through grade 5, using the Kimochis Keys to Communication, Feeling Pillows, and the Kimochis Characters.

Training Agenda Overview

Module ONE:
Framing Feelings & Play is The Way

Module FOUR:
Kimochis Curriculum and Educator Portal Tour

Module SEVEN:
Play: Kimochis Sort and SOS Kimochis to the Rescue

Module TWO:
Feelings Fuel Behavior

Module FIVE:
Kimochis Home Run Activities and SEL All Day Long

Module EIGHT: 
Kimochis 7 Keys to Communication

Module THREE:
The Kimochis Framework and Multi-Dimensional Intervention System

Module SIX:
Kimochis Character Lessons and Tools – Meet the Characters

Module NINE:
Kimochis Kotowazas

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Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is an internationally recognized leader in program development and training in the areas of speech-language pathology, character education, and parent education. She has published numerous books and artiles about the importance of teaching social-emotional learning to children.

She has been the Educational Director, head of curriculum development and lead trainer for Kimochis since 2008. In 2018, the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association bestowed its highest honor on Ellen, the Honors of the Association, for her significant contribution to the field of speech and language pathology and to the CSHA itself. In 2013, Ellen served on Parenting magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. Ellen has also created academically and socially engaging classrooms for boys through the Supporting Our Sons organization. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. William Pollack, author of Real Boys.

Ellen presents globally on communication skills/development to raise children’s social and emotional intelligence and overall wellbeing to make our world a kinder place where everybody feels they belong and matter.

Adriana Carrillo is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Counselor. She fell in love with the work of Kimochis from the get-go and has been using all the components of Kimochis in a multi-faced way.

She used the power of Kimochis to create Camp Connect, a summer camp that offered children tools to improve connections and build strong relationships.

Adriana was also grateful to help pilot the Feelings Pillows Guide for Mental Health Professionals. This curriculum was a boost to the work she was initially doing with Kimochis feeling pillows.

As a School Counselor, she cherishes how her Kimochis feeling pillows bring out the stories and emotions of her students. She feels that the Kimochis Characters are loved by all her students regardless of their age and the Keys to Communucation have brought a common language to her school.

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