In working with over 1000 schools and countless leaders, teachers, counselors and kids, we’ve learned two big things…

1.  Feelings fuel behavior

2.  Focused, engaged leaders can massively change school climates quickly

When kids can recognize what they are feeling and productively express those feelings, they can learn better and relate better. When kids learn and relate well, the school climate improves. Kids are happier, teachers have pride in their contribution to the growth of the kids, and leaders have time to do more future-focused work and spend less time on reactive activities.

So, how’s your school climate?

1.  Tremendous! The kids get along great, focusing and learning exceptionally and my staff is happy and kid-focused. Plus I have the time to focus on the big picture because referrals and emergencies are rare.

2.  Very good. For the most part, kids are learning well and working well together. Our staff works as a team when challenges arise. It could be a little better, but overall we’re doing well.

3.  OK. The kids are pretty happy and learning is OK. Our staff sometimes gets overwhelmed by all of the daily demands. I’m hoping that we can improve moving forward.

4.  Not great. Kids are having trouble learning consistently and our staff is having significant difficulties in managing the kids and their workload. We need some help to get our culture and climate where the kids are happy, productive learners and our staff are satisfied and kid-focused.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?
What one thing would be different?

  • Staff satisfaction and happiness?
  • Kids’ focus and learning?
  • Reduce conflict between students?
  • Kids’ happiness and sense of belonging?
  • Reduced caseloads for your Counselors and Psychologists
  • Fewer behavioral referrals?

It’s a fact…The last two years have put a lot of staff at the “end of their rope,” with feelings of isolation and needing better solutions and support.

Kimochis is here to offer that support!

Kimochis – created to help kids deal with BIG feelings and BIG challenges!

5 Characters that meet kids on their level. Kids easily relate to and bond with the Kimochis Characters, and with the Kimochis “Feeling Pillows” that teach kids about emotions.

The Kimochis system supports the characters with a robust curriculum for kids from ages 3 to 12. The curriculum is designed to go hand-in-hand with academic instruction throughout the day, including both proactive activities and quick, easy, effective reactive tools to manage BIG feelings; when and where they happen.

Using Kimochis for 5-10 minutes a day in your classrooms can reduce disruptive behaviors and interruptions in learning caused by social conflicts.

  • Using Kimochis can increase your school’s focus on learning.
  • Using Kimochis can help kids grow into better students and eventually lead to higher functioning adults!
  • Even if that sounds too fantastic, Kimochis will, at a minimum, improve your present school and classroom environment.

Kids immediately connect with the Kimochis Characters. That connection helps them connect with themselves, with each other, and then with adults.

Because Feelings Fuel Behavior

  • Kimochis helps kids relate – to themselves, to their peers, and to their environment. Kimochis provides kids with tools to handle BIG feelings, Hard-to-Have feelings, and Easy-to-Have feelings. Kimochis helps foster an improved learning environment by giving kids relational tools and experiences in self-regulation.
  • Teaching concepts of emotional intelligence and self-regulation alongside traditional academic principles are a great path to happy kids whose behavior is better, who have a strong sense of belonging, and who are part of an improved learning environment.
  • Kimochis kids recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate empathy for others, establish and maintain meaningful relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively.

Oh my gosh…not another big new program or initiative!

  • Actually, NO! Kimochis is just the opposite. Kimochis is designed to be useful as soon as you open the bag and unpack the Characters.
  • Kimochis works well with tools you may already be using such as:
        • Zones of Regulation
        • RULER
        • Second Step
        • Teaching Pyramid
        • And many others
  • The Kimochis System combines the flexibility, ease of implementation, and robustness of our curriculum to meet kids, teachers, and school environments exactly where they are. It is created entirely with busy teachers in mind! It is not necessary to learn everything about Kimochis in one big bite. The lessons are designed to be usable in 5–15-minute segments that can be quickly absorbed and taught immediately.
  • Kimochis has been implemented in hundreds of schools with more than a decade of experience and refinements.
  • Kimochis can be easily adapted to simplicity or complexity depending on the development of your kids. Kimochis has been modified over the past two years to meet current challenges.
  • Kimochis offers lots of support, including the ability to pick up the phone and talk to a live human who is ready to help!
  • We also offer tons of free resources (webinars, downloads, PDFs, feelings charts and posters in 35 languages, feelings flashcards, and lots more!) to help you get started!

With Kimochis, kids lead the way! Indeed, our experience shows that if you simply put the Kimochis Characters and feeling pillows out where the kids can see and interact with them, it will immediately improve the climates in your classrooms.

How is Kimochis Different?

  • Getting started is as easy as opening the bag and letting the kids start connecting with the Characters and Feeling Pillows.
  • Kimochis curriculum is identical for Tier 1, 2, and 3 as well as special education or any other group. Each child works at their own developmental age.
  • Kimochis is easy to use by anyone with an interest in helping kids. No professional specialization is required. Getting started takes less than one hour of training.
  • The Kimochis curriculum is flexible – easily modified for any situation, classroom, school, or child.
  • Kimochis allows for communication and understanding between teachers/administrators and kids with less risk (showing vs. talking).
  • Kimochis is sustainable across time and staff changes. Once you have Kimochis in a classroom, the kids will be excited to show your new staff how to use them – kids know and understand the foundational tools after the first year.

How Does Kimochis Compare to other SEL Programs?

  • In 2021, The Easel Lab, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, released a report comparing 33 SEL programs, including Kimochis. If you would like the entire report, you can view and download it HERE. Of particular note are the program comparisons beginning on page 72 of the report. Each program is rated by the skill sets they target (Cognitive, Emotion, Social, Values, Perspective, and Identity).
  • Kimochis scores high on teaching Emotional Knowledge & Expression, Prosocial/Cooperative Behavior, and helping kids understand social cues.

How do I get Kimochis in my school/district?

  • If any of what you have read sounds interesting to you, we hope you will call us right now. We sell Tool Kits for classrooms, for both Early Childhood and Elementary grades. The Kits come with the 5 Kimochis Characters, Feeling Pillows, and curriculum.
  • We will support you whether you have a budget now or not.
  • Our Tool Kits come with a customized online training package that typically takes less than one hour for a new teacher to review once they have opened the bag.

We would love to talk to you further about how Kimochis can help your school or district, and we invite you to call or email our CEO, Ned Kraft directly.

You can email Ned at –
You can call Ned directly at – 408.261.1820

The Kimochis Characters and Feeling Pillows are the Heart of our Program

Hi!  I’m Cloud!

I help kids learn about unpredictable moods, 
and regulating tone of voice, body language, words, and actions.

I live in the big sky and love to travel across the treetops to visit all my friends.

My favorite number is 9, and my favorite color is gray because there are so many different shades of it—just like my personality.

I love butterscotch pudding and green tea! I do not play an instrument, but I am a great audience!

My three feeling pillows are Happy, Mad, and Sad!

Hi!  I’m Bug!

I help kids learn about fear of change, positive social and academic risks, and positive self-talk!

I am REALLY smart, a skilled conversationalist and can sometimes talk myself and others out of any given situation because I like to examine all sides.

I live in an AMAZING Manzanita tree, that has a swimming hole with a tethered rope swing in the center of my living room. My lucky number is 2.

My four feeling pillows are Shy, Brave, Left Out, and Scared!

Hi!  I’m Huggtopus!

I help kids learn about setting appropriate boundaries, self-regulating internal and external distractions, and having more patience and tolerance!

I am VERY affectionate and strong and sometimes get a little carried away by my big friendly personality.

I am not always aware of my own strength and can sometimes be a little overbearing.

BUT, you can always count on me to put a smile on your face if you’re feeling down and to give you a great big hug to make you feel better!

My favorite number is 8, and my favorite color is pink.

My four feeling pillows are Excited, Frustrated, Silly, and Proud!

Hi!  I’m Cat!

I help kids learn about apologizing and forgiving; making safe, wise, and kind choices; and managing cranky feelings!

As a Cat, I can be very persuasive. I LOVE to be in charge but can sometimes be a bit bossy.

I live in a Cherry Blossom Tree and like to keep my house tidy and I love to host tea parties!

My favorite number is 10, and my favorite color is Purple.

I like to snack on toasted almond cookies and warm milk.

My three feeling pillows are Cranky, Curious, and Sorry!

Hi!  I’m Lovey Dove!

I help kids learn about sharing pride without bragging, celebrating others’ accomplishments, overcoming discouragement, and moving through worried feelings!

I live in an auburn nest high atop a Japanese Maple Tree. My nest has one bedroom, a kitchen, and a playroom with a magic slide where the other Characters spend a lot of time after their homework is done. My baby turtle dove likes to snuggle under my wing.

My favorite number is 11, and my favorite color is lemon yellow! 

I love healthy snacks like carrot sticks and yogurt raisins.

My three feeling pillows are Proud, Kind, and Friendly!

The Kimochis Want to Help Your Schools!

We would love to talk to you further about how Kimochis can help your school or district, and we invite you to call or email our CEO, Ned Kraft directly.

You can email Ned at –
You can call Ned directly at – 408.261.1820

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